Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend happenings...

"Every day you are alive is a special occasion.  Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God."
-Mary Manin Morrissey

It was a good weekend. It had a rough patch or two, but as the saying goes, "that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger" and more grateful for the wonderful life I have.

Friday night we couldn't decide where to eat, and ended up at Long John Silver's... gross! But we sure did laugh a lot as we ate our meal.

Saturday morning we went down to Greenville for Rob to get some miles and some cycling practice. While he went around and around the 7-mile loop battling the wind, I went to REI to exchange the shoes I won back in November. I was tickled to get a new pair of running shoes and a new skirt!

Saturday evening we went on a real date to the BMW Zentrum for a special screening of the cycling documentary, Chasing Legends. It was awesome and totally provided a unique perspective of the Tour de France... all of the training, all of the behind-the-scenes people, all of the personalities, all of the suffering. Totally recommend it!!

Sunday morning was Race Day, and I was proud to be the supportive bike wife. (It was only the second time he's asked me to be there!) We got there early enough for Rob to get some track time to warm up. He was feeling good, and in the first few laps, he moved from the back of the pack up to the group that was going to break away from the peloton. (Look at me using cycling lingo!)

But, again this weekend, it just wasn't meant to be. Someone right in front of him went down and he couldn't avoid them, so he went over, too. From a distance, I was hoping that he would hop back up and take the free lap, but luckily he checked his helmet before going again, and unluckily it was cracked (the boy hit the pavement hard!!).

With such a downer morning, we returned home just to relax, watch NCAA basketball, and cuddle on the couch. We did venture out for a quick lunch and a spur-of-the-moment hair cut. Super spontaneous for me... I was deciding what I wanted while I was sitting in the chair. It turned out pretty cute though... even Rob was impressed!!


  1. Glad it was just Rob's helmet that was cracked, for sure!!!! (and I love the haircur)

    1. yesterday we were thinking maybe some whiplash, too. but luckily that is all!


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