Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Story of Us minibook...

"I don’t wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone."

I've been waiting all week to share the "little love note" that I created to hide inside the Love Mailbox and Fabric Valentine's Envelope.

I wanted to tell the story of Rob's and I relationship through Instagram-like photos and doodles, and I was totally inspired by the Matchbook Valentine at My Sister's Suitcase and the adorable Hello Blank Mini Book by superflymollie.

Materials needed: kraft paper, graph paper, square photos, adhesive squares, acrylic paint, paintbrush, good black pen, thread, twine

Step One: Cut three strips of graph paper (3.5" x 6") and one strip of kraft paper (3.625" x 6.625"). Fold the graph paper strips in half. Fold over 0.5" of the kraft paper, and then fold the rest in half.

Step Two: Find 11-12 photos. If they're not Instagram originals, use Photoshop actions by dbox to get that vintage look. Crop to 2" squares, and print on photo paper.

Step Three: Use a dry brush method (brush the excess paint off on the palette before painting on paper) to paint a light area of color on the bottom of each "page." Make sure to get both sides of the fold as well as both the front and back of the strip. Let dry.

Step Four: Use a medium thickness, dark pen to write/draw captions on each page.

Step Five: Stack up the papers, making sure the folds are lined up. Use a wide stitch to sew a seam down the fold. I used the sewing machine, but you could hand-sew it as well.

Step Six: Use adhesive squares to adhere the photos to each page.

Step Seven: Wrap twine around and around the book to hold it closed.

What are the highlights of your love story?


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