Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Love mailbox...

"To love abundantly is to live abundantly, and to love forever is to live forever."
-Henry Drummond

Alternative title for this post: "I love the Dollar Spot at Target!"

My favorite part about Valentine's Day in grade school was decorating a "mailbox" or "mailbag" to collect all of the cards and goodies from my classmates. So, when I walked into Target last week and spotted these adorable metal mailboxes on the shelves at the Dollar Spot, I knew one would jump into shopping cart. Well, to be honest, I really wanted to buy 3 or 4, but with no kiddos at our house yet, I couldn't justify it. (And, even at $1 apiece... we're on a pretty strict budget these days!) But, I had great plans for the one I did bring home.

Materials needed: metal mailbox, wrapping paper (my "LOVE" paper is also from the Dollar Spot), ric-rac, matching scrapbook paper, glue dots and/or adhesive squares, ruler, pencil, scissors

Step 1: Trim a sheet of wrapping paper to match the width of the mailbox. Measure and cut a slit/hole in the side of the paper to fit around the mailbox flag.

Step 2: Trace the edges of the mailbox and cut out two of those shapes. Cut out small squares that fit the top of the mailbox flag as well.

Step 3: Use glue dots and adhesive squares to adhere the paper to metal mailbox. Around the curves, it takes a little bit of guess-and-check to see where the adhesives are best placed.

Step 4: To kick the craftiness up a notch, add matching ric-rac around the edges of the body and cut out a heart from matching scrapbook paper to add to the front.

Here's another adorable tutorial for decorating mailboxes that I found on Pinterest. I love the candlestick stands. They're making me wish I had splurged on more than one mailbox!

Valentine's Mailboxes from the anderson crew

And, if you're wondering what goodies you should hide inside these cute mailboxes, stay tuned! Later this week, I'll be sharing some ideas!


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