Monday, March 03, 2008

Wedding whirlwind

“Maybe love is like luck. You have to go all the way to find it."
-Robert Mitchum

Once again it was wedding weekend in our family. All of the “kids” in Rob’s and my immediate families will be married off in less than10 months. This time it was his sister’s turn. As a bridesmaid and Stephanie’s right-hand “woman,” I went down on Thursday to help plan, organize, and execute the event. We ran around town all day, picking up tuxes, getting the marriage certificate, getting hair cuts, picking up wedding party gifts, etc. Stephanie’s nerves were strung a bit tight, but I was there every step of the way to remind her to breathe.

Let’s just say, compared to mine, this wedding was a horse of a different color. As crazy and chaotic as it seemed like it was going, in the end, everything was just right for them.

Stephanie looked absolutely beautiful, and Dan spit out his chewing tobacco and put down his beer just long enough to say, “I do.”
Guests and the wedding party had to walk between a pen of barking hunting dogs and a pen of pigs to get to the ceremony because the event was staged at “the shack” which Dan’s father built behind their house, where all of the family gatherings occur. One of the bridesmaid’s dresses was ordered 7 sizes too big, but a very helpful alterations lady basically rebuilt the dress. Everything was a little bit chaotic—no one knew exactly what to do, but the weather couldn’t have been any better—70 degrees, just little bit of wind, and not a cloud in the sky. The ceremony started a half hour late, but the seats were filled with their friends and family. Stephanie had made the bouquets and boutonnieres herself, and no one could tell they weren’t real. Their son, Chase, stood still long enough for a five-minute ceremony, but refused to stand for the family portraits. Stephanie rode back to the house on a golf cart to change her shoes before the reception, and the groom and his boys quickly changed out of their tuxedos with tails and into more comfortable jeans and a t-shirt. The bride and groom cut the top layer of the cake, but they forgot to announce it anyway. There was a iced tea fountain and just enough barbecue to fill everyone’s tummies.

The after-party was held an hour and a half after the reception in the backyard of Steph and Dan’s trailer. Many of the guests went home to change before heading back for the party. An tiny dance floor was laid down in the dirt, but the kids danced on it all night long. The dj played mostly old slow country songs, however there were a few newer hits and a couple of dancing songs mixed in. The out-of -towners and the teenagers hung out around one fire barrel, while the local folk hung out around the other. The out-of-towners filled their glasses with champagne and mixed drinks, while the local folk were never far from a can of Natty Light. A “nice” port-a-potty was set up on site to handle those kinds of emergencies; however, there wasn’t a light nearby, so most people ended up going inside anyway. Stephanie and Dan (and occasionally Chase) danced to several slow songs throughout the night. It got a little bit chilly as the sun went down, but Rob’s tuxedo jacket kept me warm. Apparently after we left, the police showed up with a warning about the noise level. But when they returned at 12 am, the music had been cut off, and most of the guests had already walked back down the street to their homes.

A few pics from the big day.
My nephew, Chase, the ringbearer. Note the rifle in hand.
My handsome husband and his sister, the bride.
The whole clan. My in-laws.
The bridesmaids. The three of us in front had a blast all weekend.
The bride and groom on the front porch of "the shack."
Steph as she rides back to the house for flip flops.
Birdseed toss. Good-bye and good luck!
The happy couple on the dance floor.
Rob and I at the afterparty.
Rob tearing up the dance floor. The boy's an extrovert, but the cup in hand doesn't hurt.

I love Steph like a sister. I really do. I hope that they both find true happiness together.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like fun and Stephanie looks absolutely beautiful (as do you, I might add)!!!! Glad that it all went well and that they seem to be so happy.


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