Monday, March 10, 2008

Meet Maggie

“To attract men, I wear a perfume called 'New Car Interior.'"
-Rita Rudner

This weekend we welcomed a new member into our family. She has 4 wheels, 5 speeds, and 5 doors. She’s painted silver. And she’s got some zoom-zoom. Meet Maggie, our Mazda3 Wagon!
We spent all Saturday afternoon/early evening at the dealership test-driving three different models, haggling over deals, and then ultimately signing the paperwork to take Maggie home with us. Rob had two pages of questions to ask the salesman, and once he got done with that, he spent over an hour clarifying where the numbers came from on the lease. I’m glad that I married someone who is not afraid to ask questions. Rob asked if I was embarrassed by his persistence, but really he just exhausted me. In fact, the sales manager said that only twice before had he been asked how this particular number was calculated.

So five hours later, we shook hands with the two salesmen who had helped us and drove away in our new car.Then we went to On The Border to celebrate. It’s nice to know that you can buy a car, and then still afford to eat out that night!!

Sunday afternoon we went out to take the obligatory photos of our new ride. Rob, of course, was taking pictures of wheels, exhaust pipes, the engine, and other boring stuff, but I managed to persuade him to snap a couple of me as well.


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