Thursday, March 27, 2008

Overheard last night

"Let's make a deal!"
-Game show hosted by Monty Hall

Conversation heard from out dinner table last night after a not-so-tasty meal of gnocche and marinara (another story, not worth telling, trust me!)

J: (flipping through the newest Crate and Barrel catalog) Oh, I love this chair! (pointing an image of the chair below) Honey, can I have this chair?R: (flipping through the weekly ads that come in the mail and then we throw away each week) Oh honey, can I have this Big Mac? (pointing at the sandwich shown below)
J: I'll make you a deal. If you let me get this chair, I'll let you get that Big Mac.
R: Well, do you have a coupon for your chair? I've got one for my Big Mac. I win!

And so, J was left pondering how wonderful the Marsden Chair would look in their living room.


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