Saturday, March 17, 2012

A towel conundrum...

“I only sing in the shower. I would join a choir, but I don’t think my bathtub can hold that many people.
-Jarod Kintz

As we're wrapping up the toilet re-install and bathroom stall makeover, we're ready to actually begin using our master shower. However, one thing has us stumped. Where do we hang our towels??? [Granted, I realize that this is totally a first-world problem... and we wouldn't die if our towels lay on the floor, but... a girl can't help but want some pretty in her house.]

So, all-knowing internet, help me out! How and where would you store at least two bath towels in this set-up?

The challenges are that the shower door opens clockwise, so that the 12" of wall to the left of the shower is behind the door, while the 12" of wall to the right of the shower is extremely short. The ledge is narrow... maybe 8". The wall of the shower that faces the tub is glass, so you can't exactly attach a towel bar there. That door to the left of the shower leads to the master closet, which I foresee rarely being closed all the way.

I'm hoping that there's some obvious answer that I've just overlooked... Please share any suggestions you have and/or ideas you've seen. Discussion begins... NOW!


  1. I think I would find 2 cool hooks to hang on that wall behind the door and know that they would only be hung there AFTER showering. Prior to taking a shower, they could be taken off the hook and lay across the short wall so that they could be easily reached when you open the door. If the hooks are pretty, then it would look nice even when all the towels are in the laundry. :-)

  2. Idea #2 - Some sort of hooks that attach to that slim area of shower glass that is to the right of the door?


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