Saturday, May 14, 2011

So... have you heard?

"Every exit is an entry somewhere else."
-Tom Stoppard

We're moving!!! Last week Rob was offered (and accepted!) a job in upstate South Carolina!! We've been waiting for good news on the career front for awhile. And, finally last week, we heard the news we were anxiously awaiting.

Things will probably move quickly. With the end of the school year quickly approaching (2.5 better believe I'm counting!!), we're looking forward to a summer of selling a house, settling in a new home, job searching, and just getting to know a new area of the country.

To-do lists are growing. Worries are stacking up. But, mostly this just seems like an answer to prayers.


  1. And several of us have been praying! :-) Look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. I'm sorry I've been so tardy on this post. I hear the Carolina's are wonderful! I'm happy for y'alls next life experience. In other news, I'm going to David Strickland's wedding next month. Crazy, huh?


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