Monday, June 04, 2012

Master Bedroom Reveal...

"Don't fight with the pillow, but lay down your head And kick every worriment out of the bed."
-Edmund Vance Cooke 

Sources: wooden box found among Rob's father's things, clear glass bottle from Victoria's Secret massage oil packaging, glass vase/rocks/faux tulips from Michael's, blue shell seaglass from Salem, Massachusetts, candles from IKEA.
The other night as we were laying in bed trying to fall asleep, Rob leaned over and whispered, "Our bedroom is so comfortable. Not just our bed, but our whole bedroom." I smiled because that's just the way I want it!

Sources: East Village bedroom furniture from American Signature, bookshelf from Target, wooden lamp on left from Walmart, bedspread and pillows designed/made by my mom and I, leather ottoman from Target, custom number canvas by me, lamp on right upcycled from thrift store.
Before we moved our furniture in, we upgraded the ceiling fan and then decided on a whim to paint the walls. Rob threw out the suggestion late one night... and the next morning I picked the shade (Olympic Gray Ghost) from the handful of paint swatches I had gathered for other projects; I had a paintbrush in hand by midday. It felt a little rushed... a little daring.

While Rob worked his "weekend duty" shift on Saturday, I set to work to mask our builder's grade khaki walls with a warm gray that would complement our navy and gold bedspread. Luckily Rob stepped in the moment he got home to roll the top half of the walls, the areas I couldn't reach.

Sources: jewelry tree from Urban Outfitters, earring pottery bowl from the Greater Gift Market, green jewelry box was a gift from my mom.
This is the first room in our new house that feels done. To complete the room, a couple of weekends ago I hung our custom number canvas above the headboard and our canvas wedding photo in the corner nook. (Sidenote: All along, my bedroom vision has been inspired by this photo... yet, this is the first time I ever found a place to hang it on the wall!)

Sources: small table built by my daddy, chair rescued from the garbage from me and reupholstered by my mom, pillows made by my mom (the small one was our ringbearer's pillow), canvas wedding photo, ceramic balls from Michael's.
Down the road, we'll probably want to get new carpet (there are a couple of colorful stains left from the previous owners), but I just couldn't justify the expense before we moved in. We're also in the middle of overhauling the master bathroom... new paint and new flooring, which will totally complete the master suite. I can't wait for that reveal!

Like Rob said, I, too, take comfort in this room. It's our oasis. It feels right. It feels like us. Right down to the treasures that sit atop our nightstands. I mean, my engineer husband has a graphing calculator sitting next to our bed. (I just had to document his nerdiness for posterity's sake!)

Sources: bike chain frame similar to one found at UncommonGoods, MotorTrend and Outside magazines, remote control for our Allen + Roth ceiling fan from Lowe's, lotions and linen spray from Bath and Body Works, multi-year journal made by my mom.


  1. Awww--I love it!!! So comfy and uncluttered---While my bedroom is comfy, it is FAR from uncluttered! (I need to work on that!) Only 3 more days!!!

    1. Yes... I think that's why it's so comfortable to us... it's the one place that is pretty much clutter-free (besides the occasional stack of clean laundry). TOMORROW!!

  2. I love this room. You've done a wonderful job and I can't wait to see what the rest of your house has in store! Love that there is a graphing calculator on his nightstand.


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