Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Hiking first aid kit

"Precaution is better than cure."
-Edward Coke

One of my goals for the summer (especially before our trip to Denver in August that we just booked!) was to put together a comprehensive first aid kit for our day hike adventures. I married Mr. SafetyMan, so we've always carried a little bag along. But, after our "adventure" in Yosemite last summer when we needed several of our supplies at the top of the mountain, we will NEVER AGAIN go on a hike without a full first aid kit!

And, with Rob's birthday right around the corner, it was a perfect excuse to pull this together. 

I printed this first aid checklist from REI as a guide and headed towards Walgreen's to pick up the couple of things that we didn't already have on hand.

FYI: Right now Walgreen's has a promotion for a free zippered first aid bag, if you purchase two products from participating brands. And, it's hard to build a first aid kit without purchasing Band-Aid, Neosporin, or Cortaid, so it's win-win! However, I wish I had reached inside the bag and pulled out the coupons first!

I can't wait for Rob to see our new and improved first aid kit. And, more importantly, I can't wait until we throw it in our daypack as we trudge up a fourteener in Colorado. Although my fingers are crossed that we won't need it!


  1. Does this mean you can take me hiking again?!?!? :-) (Don't forget to include a bandana that can be used as a sling)

    1. Definitely need to add a bandana--I remembered it just as I was putting everything back after taking the photo.

      And, I'll take you hiking any time... it's just a matter of convincing the other people who go with us!

  2. Fantastic! I am going to put this on my to do list! Hope your trip is fun...we love the Denver area...and Colorado in general.

    1. We're very excited about our trip... we'll be visiting some friends who just moved there, watching a pro bike race, and doing quite a bit of exploring/hiking. Any tips?

  3. (I forgot that I have a blog. And that I follow blogs. I'm catching up!)
    I married Mr. Safety, too. He's really concerned that we do not have a proper "bug out kit" in case we need to flee...


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