Wednesday, June 27, 2012


"He who would travel happily must travel light." 

Time: 8:06 pm
Location: Bouncing back and forth between kitchen and living room
Watching: Olympics Swimming Trials... we've been watching all week!
Eating: Taking sneaky bites of the mashed potatoes and Parmesan-crusted porkchops that we'll have for dinner tonight
Drinking: A big glass of ice water... it's too hot for anything else
Feeling: Excited about getting to see my Mama again tomorrow!
Thinking: I can't wait until Rob gets home from his bike ride so we can eat
Wanting: To get started on my Memphis vacation minibook
Needing: Clarification from the TSA website about whether I can take scrapbooking supplies in my carry-on
Making: Our favorite meal for dinner
Loving: My new Baggallini cross-body purse... a great T.J. Maxx find!


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