Monday, December 12, 2011

Tied up with bows...

"A joy that is shared is a joy made double."
-John Roy

I also have picked up a great ribbon-tying strategy that lets the gift box sit evenly on the table, although I can't seem to remember where I first saw it. (Previously I used a criss-cross ribbon method that left a twist on the bottom of the package that just didn't look as crisp as I desired.) I've since converted 100%.

Here's how:
  1. Cross. Run ribbon under the back of the package. Bring the two ends up, so that one end is be significantly longer than the other-- in my example, the length of ribbon on the right side is about three longer than the left. Cross the ribbon end over the front of the package, so they run parallel to one another... the longer end should be on above the shorted end.
  2. Twist. Twist the ends of ribbon around each other, so that the longer ribbon (from the top) is now pointing down, the shorter ribbon (from the bottom) is now pointing up, and the intersection point is in the middle of the package.
  3. Wrap. Bring the longer ribbon around the back of the package and around to the front.
  4. Knot. Back at the original intersection point, tie a double knot between the two ends.
  5. Bow. Tie a pretty bow at the intersection point. Trim the ends so that they are equal in length.
    It takes a little practice, but your presents will look so polished!!


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