Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No, not today, thank you

“Such power there is in clear-eyed self-restraint”
-James Russell Lowell

Every morning I get into work, start my computer, open my email, and begin checking my blogroll. It’s a relaxing morning routine that I appreciate and look forward to each day.

Every morning my colleagues invite me to go to the coffee shop across the street to get their morning cup o’ joe.

Every morning I decline. I don’t drink coffee and really have no desire to start.

Everyday I bring my lunch in my stylish green BYO lunch bag. It’s often no more than a healthy granola bar and some sort of chips. [I used to have a Coke everyday, too, but I’m trying to cut back. By not bringing one with me, I’m not even tempted.]

Everyday my colleagues invite me out to lunch with them as they bound out the doors at noon.

Everyday I decline. The lunch in my desk drawer is a much healthier, cheaper option. And, I’m trying to stay in shape and save for a mortgage. Those are just more important to me than a delicious but greasy burger and fries.


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