Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Photo Centerpieces FOR SALE

FOR SALE!! Photo centerpieces similar to those created by Martha Stewart

There are a total of 99 frames—that makes 33 sets. I used 3 sets per table, so do the math, and that means 11 tables.

We printed photos from our childhood on vellum paper, and set a battery-powered tealight in the center of each set.
Most of the frames are brown, with just a few gold ones mixed in.
There is glass or plastic in almost all of the frames, but keep in mind that the backs of the frames have been discarded to let the light shine through!
It will not be cheap to ship, so I’m hoping for a local sale (Atlanta Metro area or even the Northwest Louisiana area)!! If you’re not local and still interested, let me know and perhaps we can work out the shipping costs!

Email me!



  1. Jana, check into flat rate shipping----usually about $13 for whatever can fit in the box.


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