Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hen Party

“All life’s joys are doubled when you share them.”
-George Merster Douglas

This past weekend was wedding weekend. My younger sister got married this weekend in my hometown. Check out photos of the parties, ceremony, reception, etc at the bride and groom’s Flickr site.

Now I can share the juicy secrets of the Bachelorette Party that I planned for Callie.
About 12 girls met up at our old (as in previous, not old age) neighbor’s condo at about 3:30 pm. The invitations instructed everybody to arrive in black shirts and jeans, and to bring a sexy, flirty, fun outfit with them to change into.

We carpooled downtown for a photoshoot with Callie’s wedding photographer. We took photos in front of the courthouse, on a train bridge, and next to a bright blue wall. And somewhere along the way, there was a wardrobe change in the parking lot.
As a party favor, I gave all of the girls a little photo album and directions for how to find the photos once they are posted.

Then we went back to the condo for pizza, drinks, and fun. No one in my family can throw a party without a craft project, and I didn’t want to let anybody down. So I brought t-shirts and panties and a big box of supplies to decorate “lingerie” for Callie. It was a lot of fun, and I think there may have been one or two sets that are actually wearable!

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