Friday, June 20, 2008

Who needs matchy-matchy

“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Everyone’s entitled to a day when they’re clothes don’t quite match. Right? Hint: the answer is Yes!

‘Cause today I’m wearing gold sandals, new plaid Bermuda shorts (which happen to look very similar to a pair I already had in my closet, but, hell, that just means that I really like them), and a gray blue camisole under a new sheer, peachy-pink shirt. And I’m also carrying a blue & white seersucker bag.

The peachy-pink shirt just really doesn’t go. And the gold sandals don’t clash, but they don’t quite match either. And the bag is just absurd with this outfit. So why did I put this combination together, you ask. Because I just wanted to wear each of these things today.

And, for heaven’s sake, I was just going to work. No one cares there. I might have to run to Kroger after work, but I’m sure Kroger has send worse than the likes of me.

I promise that if we go out tonight, I’ll take off the peachy-pink shirt and will exchange the blue & white seersucker bag for a solid-colored bag. But after paying for a new radiator, a traffic ticket, and an expected increase in car insurance rates, I doubt we’ll be going out tonight. So, until then, I’ll be wearing my mismatched favorite clothing.


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