Tuesday, June 10, 2008

F*&*%in' A

“You can delegate authority, but not responsibility.”
-Stephen W. Comiskey

I’m so pissed off right now. I just had to walk around downstairs to calm down. I’m managing a project for one of our best clients. They are really nice and easy-going, and thus we sometimes let them slip between the cracks. And that makes me mad. In my projects, I’ve tried to stay on track and on time. But something always comes up that is out of my control. And, then I have to be the bearer of bad news.

So far, in this current project, someone sent the model-maker the wrong files, so we had to pay to redo the parts. And then, I just found out that the intern didn’t mail the package before the last shipment went out last night, so the models won’t arrive at the client’s address until tomorrow, instead of today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will arrive before their big retail meeting. That’s the only hope I have left.

I have a hard time delegating projects anyway, but after shit like this, why do I even try?

Our office is very disorganized and there are no official procedures for anything. It frustrates me to no end. On the other hand, Rob works for Corporate USA, and is always asking, “did you record the issues you were having?” or “did you check everything before it went out?” That’s just not how my office works. Perhaps it should.


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