Monday, April 28, 2008

Denim Dreams

“Denim has always been an everyday symbol for style.”
-Ritu Kumar

Last week I saw a girl dressed in a really cute, almost knee-length jean skirt, and I thought, “Man, if I had a skirt like that, I would wear it all summer long. It would be so much cooler than jeans in the stifling Atlanta heat.” Unfortunately, the blue jean skirt hanging in my closet is almost six years old and actually sized for a child—so, needless to say, it is time to give it to the Salvation Army and time to find a new one.

Rob and I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon at the mall, searching in vain for a blue jean skirt for me. We went into every clothing store where I had a chance of affording something. I was prepared to pay full price, and everything. We scoured the racks, and found a total of 3 denim skirts in the whole dadgum mall—and none of them were cute. Rob was having great fun, making fun of my "lack of" fashion sense.

At Macy’s I even asked the saleslady to help—the conversation went something like this:
J: Excuse me, ma’am, do you have any jean skirt that will cover my ass?
Saleslady: Unfortunately not, we have these. [pointing to a tiny mini skirt that’s smaller than the skirt headed for the Salvation Army]
J: No, I was really looking for something a little bit longer than that. Something I could wear to work.
Saleslady: Well, you can wear it with leggings. That’s the style.
J: Ok, thank you. I don’t think my office will go for leggings.
R: You should have just asked her to direct you to the teacher denim!

So all of my 3 illustrious readers… what should I do? Obviously jean skirts are NOT in style this season. So should I continue and order one online? Like...
Or if that’s just totally last season, would you care to advise me on what I can wear to work that’s actually in style this summer?


  1. Okay, I think you look pretty cute in a short denim skirt---not a mini, mini, but just above your knee. Like this perhaps----
    The one at gap is cute, but gosh it's expensive for a denim skirt!!
    And this one at OldNavy cute and the price is better, but it's 15" long----is that too short for you?

  2. Better late than never right...Unfortunately I have no advice on this subject. I don't own a denim skirt because I've never found one that didn't look horrible on me. I like the pencil cut ones for work though- they look more refined. I'll keep my eyes open for you b/c I really need to do some clothes shopping. Today I wore I shirt to my final that is from high school and has holes (as in more than one) in the armpit!


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