Monday, April 14, 2008

I've got the blues

“You don't have to travel around the world to understand that the sky is blue everywhere”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Last year when we were creating our wedding registry, we agreed (eventually) on most of our choices: everyday dishes, china, and even silverware. But what we struggled with the most was the comforter for the bedroom.

While I always tended towards designs like this:
Rob always leaned toward designs like this:
We ended up with lots of gift cards; so one Saturday after the wedding, we decided we would stay at Target until we agreed on something. We ended up with a chocolate brown bedding set with rust-colored throw pillows. Not too shabby.

Then a few months later, we were choosing which wedding photos to have printed large. Our favorite was one with a bright blue sky. It didn’t match anything in our home. However, we agreed that the bedroom was most lacking in décor. And I was given “permission” to redecorate. Good-bye rust color!

I’ve held off on purchasing anything yet because I wanted to make sure I had the color exactly right.
After three trips to the paint aisle, I finally found the right shade of blue. I’ll be carrying these swatches around in purse, just in case something catches my eye. And, I’ll be crossing my fingers that we’ll be moving to a real house soon—a real house where I can paint the walls as I so choose!


  1. Seems like the chocolate brown would still be REALLLY pretty if you just change the orange/rust accents to shades of blue---perhaps several different shades.

  2. The comforter was the hardest thing for us to pick out, too!! We ended up going back to Target three times. But we both really really like the one we ended up with :)


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