Thursday, January 10, 2008

Marital Bliss, my Ass

“That married couples can live together day after day is a miracle that the Vatican has overlooked”
-Bill Cosby

There has been a bit of discord in my house the last couple of days. So much so that neither Rob nor I are too keen about being there. Fortun
ately, it’s been super busy at both of our offices, so hanging out at home is not really a necessity. Unfortunately, that means that we can keep putting off the resolving of our differences.

However, I can’t stand to live like that for very long. I’m the type who gets really upset when I get frustrated, blows up at him, sulks (and cries) a bit, and then by the time for bed, I’m ready to cuddle and move on. Pretty much regardless of the issue.

Rob, on the other hand, plays all cool when I’m blowing up. And then as soon as I get fed up and storm off, he realizes that he’s mad, too. He is so stubborn and can give me the silent treatment for days. And we live in the same apartment!!

I always wonder if he feels as discombobulated as I do. I can’t sleep at night, watching every time the light in the hallway goes on or off. Every time I hear him walking around, I hope that he’s coming to apologize. Plus this has been a really tough week at work—all I really want to do is come home and relax with my husband.

During these stressful times, I struggle: should I continue to do the chores and other things that I normally do for both of us? Or should I just leave him out to dry? Last night I chose to do the laundry and fold our clothes, but decided that he could deal with the dirty dishes that are piling up in the sink. For heaven’s sake, that’s his job anyway.

If I close my eyes tight enough, maybe I’ll wake up and it will be all over.


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