Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Babies in our Future

“Now the thing about having a baby - and I can't be the first person to have noticed this - is that thereafter you have it.”
-Jean Kerr

So Rob and I bought our first pregnancy test this weekend—don’t worry, Mom, I’ll spoil the ending: we didn’t use it before we found out we weren’t pregnant.

Rob woke up Saturday morning at 6:00 to hear me throwing up in the bathroom. I was sick all morning. One month earlier, he had found me in a similar position. The boy’s a worrywart, and immediately jumped to the conclusion that I was pregnant. That’s always my first thought, too, but I quickly dismiss it, knowing that we are doing everything we can to postpone the expansion of our family. However, he jumped in the car to buy a test. We’re pretty green in this area, and after reading the box, realized that four days before my period, we would only get a 51% accuracy rate. The engineer in Rob didn’t like those odds, so we decided to wait it out.

(I found out later that the Saturday morning grocery trip also resulted in an extra-large chocolate bar, just in case we got back a positive test. That boy, he thinks of everything!)

And wait it out, we did. To our great joy, we will not be sending out birth announcements in late September of this year!

However, children are in our future, just not the immediate future. Rob’s idea is that we have twin boys and then a girl. As twins don’t run in either of our families, I’m not promising him that one. But, two boys and a girl, I could definitely run with that one. Just not now! Let’s wait a few years!


  1. Okay----so I haven't seen your blog in a really long time, but with a little extra time on my hands tonight, I thought I'd see if you've started writing in it again. Imagine my surprise when I read this post! hehe I know you're relieved. When the time is right, you'll be a great mommy though!! Love you!!! Mama

  2. It's funny how these things happen in multiples. I've been thinking a lot about kids lately (don't worry- not for us just yet- just in general) because we found out Will's brother and his wife are expecting in Sept. So your blog seemed right on theme for my state of mind. I'm glad you are not pregnant just yet though- you guys need a little time to enjoy each other before bringing kids into the mix!


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