Thursday, October 16, 2014

September Project #3: Awake album

"So walk with me, my friend, awhile."
-Elise Erikson Barrett

The end of September seemed like crazy time for me... the deadlines of five different projects were scheduled within a week of each other. Projects that I have put my heart and soul into for months... Projects that I am extremely proud of... Projects that I was eager to see completed and well-received...

I just want to share a few snapshots of several of these projects over the next few posts...

Project #3: Awake album
A few months ago I posted about my friend Elise's Kickstarter campaign to fund her first album. [Of course the project was not without a little bit of "excitement" as the day after the project launched, her husband (and my pastor) was hospitalized with another health scare; after stumping the doctors for a while, they seem to have finally figured it out, and he is doing much better.]

Elise's project was fully funded in half the expected time, and it went on to raise 160% of the initial goal. The extra cash allowed Elise to bring on some more musicians and to take advantage of an opportunity to travel to San Francisco to record at the well-known Fantasy Studios.

And, what does all of this have to do with me and my projects?? Well, Elise asked me to design the album branding, packaging, and all of the Kickstarter swag/merchandise!
At first the project seemed a bit out of my comfort zone... I mean I haven't designed an album since a class assignment for one of my first graphic design classes in college. But, I was all in...

Once I received the photos that my other friend, Jane, had taken of Elise, I really found my groove... and, luckily Elise also loved the concepts I came up with. Over the course of the project, I designed a logo and brand identity, decal stickers, t-shirts, posters, the case insert, and the cd itself.

And, talk about exciting when I saw this:
Yes... that's my artwork on iTunes... not to mention Elise's music available on iTunes today!!!!! #awakeishappening


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