Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Field trip for fashion...

“Plus my boots were made of awesome.”
-Gwen Hayes

My coworker and I took a "field trip" to Charming Charlie during lunch today. We could have spent days in there looking at scarves, purses and jewelry. However, we were on a mission. A mission for boots!

We tried them on, modeled them in front of the mirror, and even asked the store employees to call another store for our sizes. (Don't mind our tucked-in slacks!)

My friend walked out with that pair of brown ones, but I wasn't quite sure I had seen exactly what I wanted. (By the way, why do I always find tall friends?!?)

On the way home from work, I stopped in at Burlington and found a pair that was the right size and the right price! Can't wait to wear them this weekend!


  1. Very nice! I found a new pair last week, too!

  2. Looooove these. You always have the best mixture of stylish pieces and classic pieces. Enjoy your new boots as the current weather is perfect to show them off.


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