Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pippi love...

“No Fridolf, bother all this learning. I can't study anymore because I must climb the mast to see what kind of weather we're going to have tomorrow.”  
-Astrid Lindgren

Can I show you my new favorite book? I picked it up this afternoon after browsing the bookshelves of a local discount store. I just couldn't leave the store without it.

It's been a long time since I've read Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking. But, as a young girl, I devoured the books about Pippi. I admired her spunkiness and her adventures... in fact, I still do.

When I saw this edition, illustrated with charming mixed media collages by Lauren Child, I immediately longed to curl up with a small child and read aloud this classic story together. I'll save it back for when the day comes that I have my own littles to read to. But, I can't promise that I won't read it myself before then.

Take a look at Lauren Child's website: Milk Monitor. It's just as adorable with clever animations and a hint of that same whimsy that makes Pippi so lovable.

I might be a little late to the Lauren Child party, as it seems she has a show on the Disney Channel based on her popular book characters, Charlie and Lola. (Their website is adorable, too!) But, I'm a fan. I can't wait to add more of her books to my library.

I really wish I could get my hands on this limited edition of The Secret Garden. Although the Puffin website says it's sold out, it might not be everywhere... but, it looks expensive.

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  1. Well, I thought that might make a nice little extra Christmas gift ------ until I checked out the price, however. I guess if that's ALL you want, then it might be doable! ;-)


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