Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Peak bagging"

“Let go, for I am ready to see life at its fullest and live to the best of myself, and for that reason I am now spontaneous, happy and feel whole.” 
-Nicole Gilbert 

We were looking forward to hiking the Mt. Mitchell trail on Friday morning, but as we drove up to the trailhead, the rain and fog forced us to make up a Plan B on the spot.

We still "bagged" the highest peak east of the Mississippi, but we reached the summit by car rather than by foot.

Instead, we practiced being spontaneous (ignoring fog warnings on the Blue Ridge Parkway, shopping at REI in Asheville, eating at a new-to-us burrito joint, and watching a matinee showing of The Amazing Spiderman) and ended up with a day full of laughter, love, and memories. Rob summed up our day, describing it as "better than a birthday."

Have you had any recent plans that you had to abandon? Did it turn out for the better?


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