Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holiday recap...

"I shall make of this day–each moment of this day–a heaven on earth. This is my day of opportunity."
-Dan Custer

The good thing about freelancing is that I can take my work on the road. I just returned Monday night from three weeks away. Although it has taken a couple of days to get back to the grindstone, I have such wonderful memories from the time spent in Louisiana with my mom and sister.

Here are a few highlights:

Practicing the manual setting on our cameras. We may have had a tiny breakthrough... although it doesn't always seem to work. See more.

Lots of cooking and baking: sugar cookies, pork roast, pecan pie, bread, etc. And, then of course, we ate it ALL!

Celebrating on Christmas Eve after the Candlelight Service. Yummy feast, thoughtful gifts, and wonderful family.

Freezing our tushies off as we sat through the rainy and foggy Independence Bowl. We stayed until the middle of the fourth quarter, when we were able to convince Callie that there was no hope left for UNC, her alma mater. See more.

Putting Mama's sewing room back together after it was remodeled. It even spurred a couple of sewing projects. See more.

One of which was a camera bag insert for our DSLRs. Now we can be stylish and functional!! See more.

Digging through the piles of junk at the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. I had been wanting to join my mom on this adventure for years. And, now I can't wait to go back! See more.

Lots of exercising and aerobics at Mosley's Movements... Good thing, since I ate half of a batch of cookies all by myself.

Eating at some of my favorite places and seeing some of my favorite people. Sometimes at the same time!!

Driving down to Baton Rouge for Camp-Crop-A-Lot, a weekend scrapbook retreat sponsored by Memory Mania. Another place I've wanted to go with my mom for several years. I worked on a scrapbook journal of our wedding planning activities. I hope to put the final touches on it in the next couple of weeks so that I can post it here. See more.

And, most importantly, lots of quality time with my mom and sister! I love and miss you girls!! See more.


  1. Love and miss you tons, too! We had fun!

  2. I love the famiy picture!!! That's fantastic! Y'all all look so cute

  3. I do realize that I just typed y'all all. A little redundant. Please forgive me!

  4. That was a wonderful recap of a much-needed holiday break. We miss you already, times a million!


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