Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boys' night out means a girl's night in...

Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days.
-William Shakespeare

Rob went out for trivia and wings with his friend Thomas... they're apparently starting a Wednesday night tradition. On the other hand, I may be starting one of my own...

[clockwise from top left]
Skinny Girl Margaritas. Which I saw that Maegan had posted about on Facebook a month or so ago. And, because I had never seen them before, I went searching online to find the nearest retailer... which happens to be less than a mile from our apartment. And, of which, I filled my glass tonight. And, because I haven't imbibed in quite a long time, it's embarrassing to say how little it took to feel the buzz. (Let's say it was less than half a glass). And, now I'm feeling pretty good. And, it's a wonder how many times I'll have to press the "Delete" button in this post to make it somewhat readable. Gosh... I hope it's readable.

Math problems. Because who doesn't love doing math problems when they've been drinking.... No, really. My father-in-law calls once or twice a day with questions about algebra. Because he's taking online courses to finish up his college degree (he went into the Marines when he was just a couple of course shy of graduating). And, because no one else in his family is patient enough to help (including his wife, his stepson, or stepdaughter), he calls me. And, it doesn't hurt that I just spent two years teaching this stuff.

Chips and salsa. It's the dinner of champions. And, it tastes good. Enough said.

And, don't I look cute today. I'm really glad that I decided to buy a hip-fitting belt for that last job interview. I may not have gotten the job, but damn, I got a really cute belt.

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  1. So, I take it the Skinny Girl Margaritas taste pretty good??


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