Monday, July 12, 2010

Next installment of "Jana's nighttime adventures"

"Have you ever noticed there is never any third act to a nightmare? They bring you to a climax of terror and then leave you there." -Max Beerbohm

So you may remember the last time... It seems I have quite a history. Here's what happened last night:

Last night was an ordinary night. We were in bed by 10:30, probably asleep by 11. Around 5 am, I was dreaming about returning home from a shopping trip with my mom, when I "woke up," and saw something out of the corner of my eye. There was an animal on the pillow near Rob's head. My first quick thought was "why did the neighbors let their puppy into our house and onto our bed?" But then, I remembered that none of our neighbors have a puppy. In one motion, I screamed and jumped out of bed, pulling the covers with me.

I stood on the other side of the room as Rob bravely started removing the pillows, hoping to find something. He was looking for something the size of a spider, and I told him, "no, it was bigger than that." At this point, however, it was all starting to get a little fuzzy in my head, so I just kept it to myself that the shape I saw looked like a small puppy, or a meerkat, or an animal standing on it's hind legs.

Rob even went to get the flashlights to look under the bed, but alas, no trace of our "visitor." Despite the vividness, it just didn't add up... it must have been a dream, I told him, before we climbed back in bed. He tried to be good-natured about it, but I'm sure he was probably irritated that he had to wake up for work an hour later.

As I lay awake, heart still pounding, adrenaline still rushing, I came to the conclusion that my "animal" was my arm, wrapped around the pillow and bent up towards the air. Ooooo.... scary!!


  1. Well, you provided me with a laugh-out-loud all by myself moment!!! I can just see it all!! What is it with the Jamar girls and their night-time adventures?

  2. Rob's facebook status yesterday: "Got practice searching for the "monster" under the bed. I think I did well..."


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