Thursday, July 16, 2009

Officially employed!

"A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils."
-Ever Garrison

Yesterday I walked around the house in shock, not believing the good news. But, last night it began to sink in...keeping me awake all night with ideas swirling around in my head.
On Monday I called to schedule my interview at The Middle School. On Tuesday I interviewed and left The Middle School disappointed that it hadn't gone as well as I had hoped. On Wednesday the principal of The Middle School called to offer me the job. "Would I accept it?" she asked. "Are you kidding me? OF COURSE!"
I am now officially an 8th grade Math (basically Algebra I) teacher at a school a mere 15 minutes from my house!
There are just over three weeks before students start school---so now it's full speed ahead until the 10th! There are lesson plans to write, a room to organize, orientations to attend, and plenty of other tasks to complete before then!


  1. Hooray!!!!! Are these pictures from your school???

  2. yup, that's my classroom. a blank slate ready for the Jana touch.

  3. That is SUCH exciting news. Congrats Jana!


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