Friday, May 22, 2009

i like...

"I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes."
-e. e. cummings

inspired by scissor variations who was inspired by i like nice things.

i like curling up with a book at the end of a long day. i like having the time and energy to cook. i like looking at the world in a fresh way. i like popsicles. i like coca-cola. i like mashed potatoes. i like when people offer me gum after a meal. i like adobe photoshop. i like adobe illustrator better. i like when i'm reminded of my dad in my handwriting. i like that my husband goes to bed early. i like email. i like james taylor. i like shirley temple. i like helen keller. i like that im only four days older than my husband. i like that i think ive found my calling in life. i like modern, but comfortable design. i like things that tell a story. i like maps and globes. i like acoustic sunrise on sunday mornings. i like handwritten words. i like fonts. i like nights in. i like my burgers plain, just meat and bread. i like dinner at restaurants. i like the aura that artists create. i like patriotic songs. i like scouring the racks for great deals. i like scrapbooks. i like green. i like colored glass bottles. i like dark stained wood. i like tanktops from target. i like alone time. i like scavenger hunts. i like listening to books on cd in the car. i like planning vacations. i like wooden toys. i like turquoise shirts. i like picking out presents for people. i like having friends of all ages. i like cardstock. i like playing handbells. i like watching monday night comedy with my husband. i like old photographs. i like when my husband praises my athletic endeavors. i like finding orion's belt in the night sky. i like mojitos and frozen margaritas. i like arts festivals. i like southern fiction. i like learning about the wwii homefront. i like tying knots in pieces of string. i like family reunions. i like cold instant oatmeal. i like the die hard series. i like quotes. i like a new sheet of graph paper. i like board games. i like vintage travel posters. i like finding patterns in the world. i like magnolias. i like stephanie plum books. i like smart humor. i like making invitations. i like grilling on our patio. i like deep conversations with my sister. i like our sugar cookie recipe.

what do you like?


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