Thursday, May 28, 2009

Help! Solve our marital dispute

"Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win."
-Jonathan Kozol

Legend goes... for months, my aunt and uncle bickered about where to place a decoration in their house. Every time she walked by, she would hang it up. Every time he walked by, he would take it down.

Luckily their marriage survived that little tiff, and I'm sure that ours will too. But I'm not sure I can take months of pushing and pulling our second EXPEDIT shelf [Rob did indeed brave the long lines at IKEA last weekend to take advantage of the sale!] into the "right" place. So when Rob suggested we poll our online buddies, I thought that was a great idea.

We're putting everything out on the line. Whichever options wins, that's how it stays.

So here are the specifics: [btw, we don't have enough knickknacks to completely fill all of the cubes--believe me, I'm working on that!]

OPTION A: bookcases are spaced out so that the one on the left juts up against the corner, and the one on the right is lined up with the edge of the staircase. There is free access to an electrical outlet between the two bookcases, and our tall antique glass bottle fits perfectly between. This arrangement emphasizes that there are two separate bookcases.

OPTION B: bookcases are left justified against the corner, so that there is no gap between them. The electrical outlet is accessible, as it lies just underneath the shelf in cube A2. However, since we don't need it at the moment it is hidden behind a wall of yearbooks. Our tall antique glass bottle fits perfectly at the end of the wall just before the staircase begins. This arrangement masquerades as one single (long!) bookcase.

Leave a comment and let us know which arrangement you prefer!!

PS: Since this really is the biggest disagreement we have in our lives right now, I'd have to say we are truly blessed to have each other!


  1. Option A. It lines up better with the walls and protects the glass bottle.

  2. I think option A looks more balanced but something with the way the molding is above makes it feel a little off.

  3. I like "A" better. If you go with "B", I think you need to add a few more things at the end to go with the bottle.

  4. I vote "A". I hope I voted the right way...

  5. I may be too late, but I like Option A also.

  6. I really like option A- I like that it breaks up the longlong line that it makes when they are pushed together. Its alittle more interesting visually too! That is just my opinion though!!


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