Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet another post as I dream about the future

“We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.”
-Charles F. Kettering

We did venture out to house-hunt on Saturday. Rob asked if that risky use of fuel would count as an anniversary gift. Haha, not funny! But, aaaah… anniversary gift?? This year it’s 12 days earlier than years past… not yet accustomed to that.

But, back to the house search… as we ventured from one property to another, we tried to envision ourselves, our personalities, our futures in these houses. Could I pull into the driveway after work and know that I am home? Could we host a party here? Would our relatives comfortably fit in the guestroom? Could I be inspired to craft, dream, and live in this space? Might the kitchen motivate me to cook? And, even as Rob suggested over lunch, is this a great place that our future children might love, too?

Children… babies in our future… again, I will reiterate, not in the immediate future. But they are out there in the distance. Waiting until the time is right.

A conversation I had with A in Charlotte sums up our currently shared philosophy on motherhood. On the surface she and I seem to have such differing views on motherhood, but yet at the heart of it, we found that it’s very similar. When talking of our exciting career changes and how that seems to put motherhood on hold, we decided that “yes, we probably want children someday, but it’s perfectly fine not to want them right now.” Seems so elementary, but for some reason, it struck gold in my heart. Something someone could say to me all day long, but that I have to feel in my heart before I understand and accept.

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  1. When the time is right, you'll know! For now, live and enjoy as a couple!!


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