Thursday, September 18, 2008

A hunting we will go

“Fools build houses, and wise men buy them.”

For the last two nights, Rob and I have huddled up in the gym with the laptop propped up on the workout bench, “stealing” internet from the apartment complex’s clubhouse. We’re preparing for our first afternoon of househunting on Friday. It’s all we think about. It’s all we talk about. It’s all we dream about. Even while at work, we scurry around making lists and mapping out properties.

Some of the conversations we’ve had this week:

J: The only thing I really want in a house is a fireplace.
R: I was just about to say, ‘I don’t really think that we need a fireplace.'
J: Ok, let me clarify… if our house has a fireplace, it has to be a pretty fireplace.

J: Ooh, built-ins… honey, did you see the built-ins?

R: I want an unfinished basement so I never have to come out of it.
J: An unfinished basement? You know that means just concrete, studs, and rafters. No walls.
R: Exactly what I want in a man lair!

J: I though all you wanted was a decent-sized lawn to mow.
R: Yeah, but that would mean we’d have to keep it maintained.
J: But I though that’s why we were buying a house—for a yard!
R: No, the main reason for buying is to establish equity.
J: Oh yeah. I guess that’s one way to look at it.


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