Sunday, November 02, 2014

Week in the Life: Day 6

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”
-Joan Didion

This is the story of Saturday:

When I woke up around 7:30, Rob was long gone to work for his weekend duty shift (usually every eight weeks). Saturday mornings are my favorite because I can leisurely lay in bed until I'm fully awake and then browse my phone until I'm ready to get out of bed. This morning I scrolled through all of the Halloween photos on Facebook and Instagram and saw reports that it snowed this morning. Rob even texted to confirm that there was accumulation in Greenville, but he made it to work safely. In my opinion, it's much too early in the year for snow!

Knowing that it was cold made it even more difficult to get myself out of the warm sheets. But eventually I threw on my robe and wool socks, and went downstairs to make a mug of hot cocoa and toast a couple waffles... more favorite Saturday traditions.

It ended up being a really lazy Saturday morning. I stayed in my pajamas and robe, and I'm not sure exactly where the hours went. I posted yesterday's photos to the blog, cleaned only one toilet, threw the bed linens in the wash, and other than that, I don't really know...

A little before noon I decided to hop in the shower, get dressed, and officially start the day. I thought I'd put the clean sheets on the bed before I went to grab some lunch, but I kept getting distracted, and by the time I finished it was already 2:00.

I knew I needed a little bit of protein for lunch, so I opted for a plain burger and small fries from Sonic. I just went through the drive-through and brought it home to eat. But even in that quick trip, it was so cold and windy, I wish I had worn my jacket. I got a kick out of watching the birds trying to fly into the wind. They were resilient little guys, but eventually flew down to a roof to take a break.

I spent the afternoon Christmas shopping on and updating my Christmas List app, trying to prepare my shopping cart for our big order. I have decided to give as many couple/family gifts as possible, but I still want to have something little for each of the kids. Given that I hope to spend the month of December in the throes of nesting and preparing for Baby B, I'm trying to get as much done ahead of time as possible. My goal is to have all of the Jamar/Perkins clan's gifts ready to hand off when I see my mom and sister at Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

Rob arrived home around 3:00, after a relatively uneventful day of weekend duty... the most exciting thing was walking the waterline to check for any sign of damage due to a reported earthquake 100 miles away in Augusta. He suited up for a quick spin on the bike trainer, and I finished up my "shopping" and brainstorming before our date night commenced.

We considered finding a corn maze or apple orchard for an adventurous date night, but due to the brisk weather, we decided a movie theater would be a better destination. We headed to Chipotle for our almost weekly burrito/taco dinner, and then made it to the theater with thirty minutes to spare. We love going to the dollar theater; they show movies on the big screen just before they come out on dvd... and you can't beat $2.50 per ticket! We saw 22 Jump Street, the equally entertaining sequel to 21 Jump Street. I'm sure we'll be quoting the one-liners for a while.

It was already 9:30 by the time we arrived home, so we headed upstairs for bed. We remembered to set our clocks back for the end of daylight saving time and relished in the fact that we would get an extra hour of sleep.


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