Sunday, September 09, 2012

This weekend...

"Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them." -John Shirley 

This weekend, I/we
  • Cheered the local high school football team (which is ranked #1 in the state and #6 nationally!) to victory. Soaked in the "small-town" Southern vibe from the stands.
  • Manned the sand art table at the church's Fall Festival. Enjoyed chatting with new friends. Won college basketball tickets in the Silent Auction.
  • Designed flyers for two different freelance projects. Cleared out my freelance email inbox. 
  • Struggled against hormones which were wreaking havoc on my moods. Tried to keep my emotions and reactions in check against even the smallest stressors.
  • Treated ourselves to a frozen yogurt snack. Bought a birthday gift for my mother-in-law that we're excited to give her. Ate at a new-to-us barbeque place in town. 
  • Started my new "watch-and-stitch" craft project, meaning that I know have something to keep my hands busy while watching college football on Saturday evenings.
  • Worshipped at the early service. Listened to a sermon that spoke right to what I've been pondering on my own lately.
  • Washed four loads of laundry. Emptied (and re-filled) the dishwasher. Tidied up the house before it made me crazy.
  • Rocked out to my Shania Twain Pandora station. Needed those few moments to reignite my girl power.
  • Rode 28+ miles on the Swamp Rabbit trail. Pedaled around the Furman campus. Clipped in and out of my pedals more times than I care to count. 
  • Invited ourselves over to Thomas and Carmen's apartment. Ate post-ride burritos while catching up on each others' antics over the past month and a half.

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