Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Almost camping...

"Camping: nature's way of promoting the motel industry."
-Dave Barry

Friday night, Rob got off work early so that we could head up to North Carolina to go camping. After packing up the car (gosh... it takes a lot of gear to go camping!), we were on the road with plenty of time to arrive before the gates closed at 8.

We arrived at the given address about 7:20, only to find a dark and completely empty parking lot. Apparently we were not in the right place. Luckily I had printed out the park maps, so I could direct us to the other campsite. The estimated time of arrival on the GPS was 7:59 pm. However, in the dark and fog, it was not easy to drive fast. We breathed a sigh of relief when we drove through the open gates.

However, due to car trouble (luckily not ours!) and scary weather reports (roads were already being closed due to ice!), we decided to take our camping trip back to Ricky and Heather's house in Hickory. We put up our tents in their basement. With a heater, real bathrooms, and a TV to watch college football, we had ourselves a much more comfortable camping trip.

On Saturday we made the executive decision to play outside, so we headed to a local corn maze. After our lengthy orientation to the maze, it was our turn to get "corn-fused." This was quite a difficult maze, and we were proud of ourselves for making it out in just over an hour and thirty minutes.


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