Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A daily journal...

"After the writer's death, reading his journal is like receiving a long letter."
-Jean Cocteau

I've always liked the idea of journaling, telling the everyday story... but besides this blog (which is anything but daily!), I've always had a difficult time sustaining the relationship with a journal. As a kid I had quite a few "dear diaries" with only one or two entries apiece.

However, this Christmas my mom gave me a perpetual journal made of notecards and timestamps that she had seen over at Design*Sponge, and I have been super diligent about adding a couple of sentences about each day (maybe not ON that day, but within a few days!). Sometimes with mundane notes... "Made mango chicken for dinner tonight." Some notes that expressed frustration... "Cannot seem to get a grip on this classroom management situation." Some notes that reflect highlights from my year like... "Rob got the job! We're moving to Spartanburg!" From January 1-September 20, every single card has been written on.

Thinking of my friend Ashley who is due with her first child in just a few short weeks, I thought about how perfect this system is for an exhausted, yet enthusiastic new mom. I wanted to make her one and to have it arrive in time to record some of the last few pregnancy memories as well. I carefully searched all around town to find color-coordinated papers and a cute little box/basket/tin to store in. And, the finished product was darling! So cute that I decided to make another one... I guess someone else from my list will be getting it for Christmas... just have to decide who will be the lucky one!!


  1. And I love it! It matches the colors in my nursery perfectly so it lives on the dresser/changing table now. Can't wait to start documenting baby's firsts -- but first baby needs to arrive!


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