Monday, March 28, 2011

Gratitude, Week 4...

"Who does not thank for little will not thank for much."
-Estonian Proverb

Looking back, I noticed that there are several repeats this week. But, I'm grateful for good repeats. It kinda feels like I've been a zombie this week anyway. Wake, drive, school, drive, dinner, sleep, repeat.

March 22: A published book of memories. Came home to find a package on my doorstep. Last week I took advantage of a big sale at and finally had my first digital scrapbook pages (circa 2003-04) printed as a book. Rob and I loved flipping through and remarking about how young (and skinny) we were back then. I also find it interesting to watch my progression of digital scrapping skills, even though they were all created in the same summer.

March 23: A much-needed good laugh. Wednesday night we put all work away and turned the computers off early (always a good thing!), and curled up to watch the Netflix movie Due Date. Now this is totally a guy's guy funny movie, but I've lived with a guy long enough that I get all of the jokes. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. It's so random and crazy.

March 24: Good quiz scores (and a quiet day!). The kids worked hard to complete the quiz (and quietly!), and it paid off because most of them did really well. That's good, considering we're all exhausted and disgustedly tired of being at school. [Wooden KIT of PINS from STUDIO FLUDD's Etsy shop]

March 25: Another reason to laugh. Today one of the kids in my 2nd period class said something really random (and rather inappropriate), but really funny. It was refreshing just to have a second to stop and laugh with my students. And, it was even better when a kid said, "well, now you've got a story to tell the other teachers at the lunch table." ["Live Laugh Love" print above from MeganRene's Etsy shop]

March 26: Officially springtime. I finally changed out the wreath on the front door--from gold Christmas decor to pastel spring flowers. Makes me smile every time I drive into the driveway.

March 27: A sweet, sweet breakfast. Rob promised me doughnuts for breakfast this morning, so we hit up the local Krispy Kreme, and waited for a dozen of the warm, melt-in-your-mouth treats. I only ate four. You can do the math to figure out Rob's share. That is, if you can stomach it!

March 28: Another package on the front step. This time was a baby gift for my friends Collin and Julia. These canvas growth charts are my new go-to baby gift. They're a beautiful and personalized heirloom. You, too, can buy one from GrowthCharts Galore. But be forewarned, don't buy one if I also know the person!

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  1. I think I had your March 23rd last night - Step Brothers. Laughing is fun! And I love that growth chart! Thanks for the tip!


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