Wednesday, June 09, 2010

All packed and ready to go...

"The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary."
-Mary Kurtz

After my mom's (with a little help from me) success of creating an Eagle Creek Packing Folder hack, I set my sights on some pouches to hold smaller things. After a day of experimenting with a pouch like these, I decided a little make-up bag pouch would do the trick (and be much quicker!). I tried this version that I found at And, although I love the idea of it, the perfect implementation took more attention to detail than I was willing to muster. So, I went with the more tried and true zippered pouch, based on a pattern in Bend-The-Rules Sewing. (And, I actually made two of these, although squeezing in all three really crowded the photo.)

When Rob asked what I would put in them, he replied, "they must be for Jana socks and Jana undies. No one else's would fit." They are a bit small, but
I'm tickled with how cute they look. And, I've learned a lot about sewing and construction in the process.

Also, if you want to make a packing folder yourself, here's our tutorial.
And, if you have no desire to make your own, but want to see our beautiful creations AND my YouTube debut, go here.

Now... what project's next?

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  1. Sooo cute!!! I wish I'd made a couple, too. I got a Joann's coupon today and need to check and see if they have that same print for sale at my store---although I guess it would be just fine to coordinate rather than match.


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