Thursday, August 13, 2009

Take a peek...

"A sketch is generally more spirited than a picture... it is the artist's work when he is full of inspiration and ardour, when reflection has toned down nothing; it is the artist's soul expressing itself freely."
-Denis Diderot

Wanna see what i been inspired by lately....

from Curly Girl Design

from gemma correll's photostream

from art as life

from Missed Connections

from r's adventure

I guess you could say that I'm envious of these fanciful, doodle-y, and anything-but-uptight illustrations. I wish I could sketch like that!


  1. Agreed! I started a "creative journal" but I really only like the writing part of it...and I don't even have pretty handwriting...
    Maybe there is a doodling class somewhere that we can take :)

  2. Id love to take a doodling class. Think they really have those?


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