Monday, June 01, 2009

Matty O!

“Sunburn is very becoming, but only when it is even - one must be careful not to look like a mixed grill.”
-Noel Coward

One of the most awesome things about the AVP tour is that the players walk around the event, watch other matchups, get their hair cut at the Paul Mitchell booth, and are happy to interact with the spectators.

Other than my photo-op with Phil Dalhausser, I also had a run in with my FAVORITE player, Matty Olson.

Let me set the stage. Saturday afternoon, Rob and I had staked out a spot on the top row of bleachers where we could watch both the game in front of us or turn around and watch the one behind us. We had just finished cheering Matty and his partner, Kevin Wong to victory and had turned around to sit down and watch the girls' game. When....
Unidentified guy from below and behind the bleachers: Hey, do you have any sunscreen?
[Rob and I turn around to see who is talking to who.]
Unidentified guy to ME: Have you applied sunscreen?
[Takes me a second or two to realize this "unidentified guy" is Matty Olson!]
Me: Uhhh... yeah.
Matty: Well, I was watching you while we were playing over there, and I was thinking, she's getting pretty red. I hope she's got sunscreen.
Me: Yeah, that was from yesterday. Today I'm more than covered!
Matty: Good, 'cause I've got skin like that, and I know it burns easily.
[Matty walks away to shower and prepare for the next matchup. Rob and I sit there in a crazy stupor--I mean, Matty Olson just noticed me in the crowd during his game, and then came over, got our attention, and told me he was worried about me!]

I've definitely got a volleyball crush now!


  1. ahhh! that's crazy! aren't they supposed to at least pretend like they are focused on the game :)?

  2. Gee---you've still got it!!! :-) Rob better watch out!


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