Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little bit of "outgoing" showing through

“Guys don't expect you to be as ambitious and outgoing as I am.”
-Ebele Ifedigbo

In real life…. I’m usually quiet. I’d rather listen than talk. I hate crowds. Sometimes I get tongue-tied. I’ve been known to be a wallflower at social events. There is nothing I hate worse than confrontation. You could call me an introvert.

However, sometimes I surprise even myself. Yesterday evening I went to an information session about alternative routes to teacher certification. It was very informative and the speakers were very enthusiastic about new teachers (btw… enthusiasm/enthusiastic are my favorite words this week!) I had a list of questions that I needed answered, and I was the first one in the group to break the ice and start asking questions. I was the first to introduce myself and tell my background story, which set the tone for everyone else.

If you were at that meeting yesterday, you would have thought I was an extrovert.

Oh, and by the way… the meeting itself was awesome and confirmed once again that teaching is the right path for me to be on.


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