Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Feast

"Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants."
-Kevin James

The holidays have begun!! To start the season: Thanksgiving. I cooked my first feast. Rob and I celebrated Thanksgiving here in town by ourselves this year. Although I missed being home and visiting with all of my family, I was looking forward to celebrating low-key this year. It's funny how quickly low-key becomes not so much. I spent several days poring over my cookbooks and surfing recipe websites, trying to find the best dishes to prepare and serve on the big day. I tried hard to blend both of our traditions, making sure that nothing super important was left out. One last clarification of turkey cooking time, two grocery trips, three hours of cooking, and at least 7 dirty pots and pans later, dinner was ready. And only 25 minutes later than my expected serving time of 3:30!

I was doing so well at the beginning, cleaning the dishes as I went. But then the timer dinged, the water boiled, the gravy needed stirring--all at the same time. I needed like four extra hands and lots more counter space. Rob showed up just as I was transferring it to the table [he had gone to find a newspaper with Black Friday ads!] Just in time to carve the turkey.

The Menu:
Sage Roasted Turkey Breast [a 4.5 pounder takes 75 minutes!]
Mashed Potatoes [with my new Cuisinart stand mixer]
Gravy [gravy takes skill, which I do not have]
Pepperidge Farm Herb Stuffing [so-so taste, but super easy]
Sauteed Green Beans [my new favorite recipe]
Candied Yams [talk about sugar overload]
Pillsbury crescents [can't beat 'em]
Kroger Bakery pumpkin and pecan pies [a half pie of each, so we could both have our favorite]

Let's just say after we stuffed ourselves, we spent the afternoon scouring the ads, watching a little football, and then going back to bed.

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  1. Wow! That is a fancy dinner, Miss Jamar! Looks yummy! Funny how you, cooking your first Thanksgiving dinner ever, managed to be more traditional than our spaghetti dinner!


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