Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Me today...

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”
-Virginia Woolf

  • Had to break down and buy some new work pants... I seem to be swimming in my old ones
  • Settling into my new office... got my photos in frames, my computer set up and clipboards hung
  • Most spectacularly not pregnant... even though we had our fingers crossed tightly
  • You don't want to know how many outtakes it took to take this photo... let's just say I had to hurry to work
  • Writing the essay for my grad school application... thank goodness for Google Docs and a proofreading sister
  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are pretty much dedicated to labs these days... but at least I get free lunch
  • Ready for VBS to be over... yet panicked because there's so much left to do
  • Making a to-do list for my day off on Friday... Mostly chores
  • So glad that my car just knows to drive itself to boot camp after a long day
  • Listening to (and loving!) Joshilyn Jackson's newest book on cd in the car... makes me wish my commute was longer
  • After having laryngitis for four weeks, no one can remember what my real voice sounds like
  • I've assembled quite a collection of tilapia recipes to pull from... tonight was tilapia with lemon caper sauce, similar to this


  1. You look wonderful, but seeing your picture makes me miss you all the more!!! I love you!!!

    1. Phone call tomorrow night! Although we don't always have to wait until Thursdays! :)


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